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A Closer Look: Zayn Malik [By: @Lesly_LES_]

It’s not always easy for men to pull of a monochromatic look. We’ve seen women thrive with this style concept for so long but not anymore. Step aside! Singer Zayn Malik, was seen in NYC yesterday sporting this monochromatic outfit and he made it look easy and cool. Here are 4 reasons I think this outfit works.

Zayn Malik 2  Zayn Malik

(Hoodie and pant: NikeLab Tech Fleece, Sneaker: Nike)  

1. Color: When going for  a monochromatic look, your choice of color is important. You don’t want it to look like you mistakenly mixed up colors. You want it to look seamless. For example, olive green is a great color. It’s a neutral. Since, it’s close to the earth tones it usually works well with tans, browns and greens. If it’s your first time, stick to earth tones and expand from there.

2. Comfort: Let’s be honest, most guys dress for the sake of comfort before style. If it’s not comfortable then odds are we’re not going to wear it. What I like about Zayn’s look is the ease of it.  He looks comfortable but still very aware of his style.

3. Fit: I’ve said it before, fit is everything. Even with casual clothing, you have to make sure the fit is perfect. If you are wearing sweatpants, a lot of them now taper towards the bottom to elevate the pant.Nothing is worse than sloppy looking sweatpants. Also,sweatpants shouldn’t be skin tight either. So be careful not to buy them too “skinny.” You have to find the balance.

4. Details: The choice of laying on a bomber jacket was perfect. Not only is the bomber jacket a huge trend but it adds another dynamic to this outfit. It could have easily been a boring look but adding the jacket brought the outfit to life. Also, the choice of breaking the color with a white sneaker was a great choice. I think it would have been over kill if he had a green sneaker. Overall, try to keep it simple. Simplicity will go a long way.


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