Yung Cam (@YungCamGBM) – Listening Party

Last Sunday Yung Cam hosted a listening party for his upcoming mixtape: GBM V4, which will be released tomorrow! There was a great amount of talented up and coming individuals in attendance. I for one, attended this event and I must say it was a great atmosphere to network and meet the great Artistry and Movements Rhode Island has to offer.

“This is more of an event for you guys”  Cam Said. And he was right. Although most of us there probably showed up to listen to a couple of songs from the Mixtape, we left feeling like we came from a get together with our friends and family. I got see another side of Cam that is a down to earth and humbled individual. He did not just throw a listening party,  immediately play his songs, and silently say “Yeah this is my best work yet! I’m running a campaign to put RI on the map by myself” No! What he did, was get across a message: “We As Rhode Island Need To Support One Another And Help Each Other. We Need To Stand Up And Make Moves. Together.”

-Sam Albert

Below is a video of Cam spitting rhymes acapella and just a few photos. For more Photos visit RudeBoyy.

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