You Can’t Create Your Wife – The Rebuttal Part II (By: @BlameItOnEli)

I’m no feminist BUT, I’m tired of sitting around letting chauvinistic twitter opinions float around my timeline. As Keem mentioned as much as you would like to change a person; male or female you can’t. If a person wants to change they will.
However, I want to address the topic of a man taking the credit for molding a woman into a wife. First of all I don’t know when “wife” and “girlfriend” became interchangeable.  A girlfriend is just that. There is no ring or commitment under God stating that she has to cater to you as a man but, if she does prematurely that’s solely her choice you can’t expect that. At the end of the day if a woman has it, she has it. This is no doing of a man. We all know those women that are dumb off dick and will scream “wifey” and their only talent is between their legs and 3 min cups of noodles but you can’t let that stigma overshadow the good women out there. I know plenty of women that can cook, clean, and hold their own but they are not just going to share that with just anyone.
Guys always see qualities in females and say “I need that in my life” but, don’t ask if they have the qualities THAT particular females needs in her life. I know plenty of men that talk a good game but when faced with a good woman they aren’t willing to put in the work to match her effort. As a man if you can’t cook, clean, and have no ambition how can you expect a woman to do the same?  I mean if a woman has all of that what does she need you for? Sex? Well there’s toys for that… just saying.
Sam made the argument that men are stronger and can impact women and the right MAN will bring those “qualities” out of a good woman but I have to respectfully disagree.  A semi wise animal loving Yoruba chick once told me:  ”Judgment is a recipe for suffering; people and their dissatisfaction on over how we desire for them to be otherwise will never work” Both men and women are impressionable however, a man should never underestimate anyone else’s  strength especially a woman’s . At the end of the day a truly good woman will be a good woman with or without a man and vice versa