X-Men: Days Of Future Past (Trailer #2)

Superhero movies are being cranked out at a fever pitch by big studios. FOX, Sony, and Disney are all trying to one up each other in terms of storytelling, action and connectivity. Clearly, Disney & Marvel are in the lead with the success of The Avenger and subsequent Phase 3 films. Sony is trying to flesh out The Spider-Man universe with a Venom and Sinister Six movie coming after The Amazing Spider-Man 2. FOX has the X-Men property, which is popular, but not as bankable as Iron Man or Spidy. They also have The Fantastic Four, which isn’t popular, but has a promising cast.They have an uphill battle in the next years as they try and create a universe of their own. Although The Fantastic Four aren’t popular now, neither was Iron Man before the 2008 film. FOX has to make their properties “cool” again. Their movies are the least profitable of the big three so now they’re going all out. They’ve decided to bring back Brian Singer, the man who directed the first two X-Men films, to connect all four movies together. Days Of Future Past will give FOX a fresh start with the X-Men franchise. Wolverine is being sent back to the past to stop a war from happening that destroys the future. The entire cast of the past films are involved here, possibly making this the most expensive superhero movie ever. This trailer is effective as we get a glimpse at some action, plot details and the gravity of the mutant situation. 

X-Men: Day Of Future Past will be in theaters May 23, 2014. Let’s see if Wolverine can do his best Marty McFly impersonation this summer.