4 Winter Wishlist Pieces

2017 is  a new year with the same old cold weather. Here are four pieces I wish I could have grabbed.


Clarks “Multi Suede” Desert Boot


I am a big fan of Clarks Desert Boot. The splatter paint design is unique compared to the typical shades of brown leather we’re used to.

Asos Shearling Overcoat  

coats-jackets-desktop-hero-moment     There have been many coats this winter with fur detail designs and I am all here for it!

Urban Outfitters Patterned Cardigans

urban-outfittersUrban Outfitters carries dope looking cardigan sweaters for the cold. They are comfy and a nice piece to add to your winter look.

Calvin Klein Jeans Beanie


My head is feeling warm just writing about this beanie. The hats are finely crafted and make a great accessory.

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