You Can Create Your Wife (By: @WhichSam)


I had a real interesting thought come up this morning. I believe that if you take your time with a girl, you can turn her into wife material. Of course, not every girl. Some girls have no potential to be wives; they have no ambition, can’t cook, don’t clean, etc. However 5/10 girls out there are capable of being molded into the kind of wife you personally desire. One of the guys in my group chat said: “You can’t turn a Maxima into a Benz.” I replied: No, but I can change the interior to look better than a Benz. I can simply change the motor and technically have a better car than a Benz. The outside may not look as good, but the inside is to my liking and in my opinion better than a Benz. It may take a lot of work, but it should be worth it.

If you treat a girl like your wife, she’s going to act like it. It may take time but I truly believe that you can. If you treat her like just another girl, that’s exactly what she’ll be. The old time saying “Treat Others Like You Want To Be Treated” is so accurate for this topic. If you want to be treated like a husband or a king, treat the girl like a wife or a queen. Simple.

This doesn’t mean that you can take any girl out there and turn her into the perfect girl. No, I’m not going to go to Karma and get any girl’s number in there and say I can make her into wifey material. You have to be wise at the same time. We as men know the kind of women we want and they aren’t always easy to find. However, if we can find a beautiful girl (which Rhode Island has plenty of), with a good head on her shoulders, and has values and morals, we can EASILY mold her into wifey material.

I understand that there’s a point to be made about age. You can say any girl can be molded after a certain age. After she’s trying to settle down or what not. Not exactly! As a female, you either have the wife in you or not! If you do, all it takes is a man who has patience and is willing to work to bring it out. Some girls will never be able to be molded. There’s 30 year olds out there who still have no morals or values, still can’t cook, still have no career. Some girls don’t need any work or molding. However, finding those girls today is like winning the lottery.

All I am trying to say here is that you can create or mold a girl into the type of wife you desire. We as men are stronger than women and have much impact on them. If you’re intentions as a man are correct, and you’re seriously looking for someone to be yours forever, then find the right girl and with time and patience you can easily do it. You have a 5/10 chance, all you have to do is look in the right places. Find a girl with a good foundation and you build from there.