Why I Love to Dress in The Fall

Fall is finally here. School is open, Mr. Lemon is about to close,  and it’s time to get out all those fly fall outfits.

When it’s hot in the summer, the last thing I’m worried about is looking fly. With the sun beating down on me I have to dress as comfortable as possible. Unfortunately that limits me to the standard t-shirt, denim shorts, and sneakers where ever I’m going. I can always dress up but why do that and end up drenched in sweat for the day.


We all know what layering is and if you don’t it is basically using different pieces and wearing them over each other. I like doing this because I have a lot of basic pieces in my wardrobe. However, when I’m able to combine them together it allows more creativity with my outfits.  Adding a nice jacket and/or sweater is always a good way to complete a look as well.

Kanye West


I like sneakers but, I’m a broke college student and the sneakers I want are not in my budget now. That is why I rather wear boots, two good pairs could last me through the next few falls if taken care of. One black pair and brown pair can go with any outfit you want to wear. My favorite pairs are Clark Desert boots for being timeless and having a few sneaky designs.



Fall  is a.k.a “Hoodie Season,”  or as I call it “I have an 8am class, let me just throw on a hoodie and some sweats” season. Hoodies are the best piece of clothing EVER created, don’t debate me on this. What other piece of clothing provides nice style, keeps you warm, and comfortable? None.

Comment with some of your favorite clothing to wear in the fall too!


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