Why Timbs Should Be Allowed In The Club ( By Keem)

Looking at some pictures from high school, I can’t fathom some of the things that we thought were fly. 2XL tall tees, baggy jeans, velour suits; it was a different time. Nothing made the outfit come together like a nice fresh pair of all whites, or some crisp wheat timbs. Now in fashion everything is cyclical. Although Nike boots, and Polo boots made their brief runs respectively, at this point in time a nice pair of timbs can complete an outfit just right. That being said, there is a question I understood little then, and less now…

Why can’t you wear timbs in the club ?!

Now I know there’s the constant connotation of timbs and 25 person brawls, but when will enough be enough.

I think it’s time to throw out the old idea of how timbs were viewed



baggy pants



And allow it’s proper placement in the fashion world to day.




Ye-also-took-it-easy-in-a-sweatshirt-jeans-and-Timbs-uplifted-by-a-2205-A.P.C-Leather-Moto-Jacket-kanye-west-kim-kardashian-pregnant-paris-departure-after-easter-weekend-03 d8793ca27103674e6ed6959e84fc9392 1392781901683 4332954_DSC_0003



So my friends, at this time I urge you; reach out to your local party promoter, club owner, and say yes to timbs.


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