Who’s Watching ( by anonymous)

  Who’s Watching?

Females in today’s society need to get it together, always be a woman of your word, you can’t say one minute your done with a nigga (significant other), then take them back the next, because when you do that you lose credibility and your words mean nothing, not only with the person your rocking with, but even with the next dude. People watch your actions and people talk.

Another thing that kills me is when a female wants someone so bad to do right by them and take them seriously, but your still out here holding on to the “thirst traps” meaning you walking around with the twins visible and still wearing foolish short dresses, which are not classy at all. Stop letting the numbers and heart eyes control your reputation. I’ll never understand the logic, I thought progressing, striving for your goals was much more attractive, but maybe it’s just me?

To the Women that has been cheated on and take that nigga (Significant

Other) back, then throw it back in his face when things go left is wrong. You took that man back for a reason , So anything that happened before (Charge It To The Game) put it behind you. There’s nothing A man hates/dislikes more is for a Woman to bring up old ish. I’m pretty sure if we knew we’d have to deal with that nonsense, we wouldn’t even bother putting our all in to you again. I’m not going to say we won’t deal with you anymore, but let’s be serious, we’re only human, we’re going to go back whenever we feel the need to just because we can.

On another note, It doesn’t make sense how there’s guys trying to give you the world and give you consistency that you are looking for, but you feel he’s not “Your Type” or give some lame excuse not to be bothered. It’s sad, because the guys you think you want, 9 times out of 10 are temporary and you don’t even know it. Y’all Like the “Popularity” over (A Long Lifetime) and that’s sad.

For you woman that like and allow dudes to fight over you, just know y’all mad wack! If your going to talk to two dudes, let them both know, keep it 100 and be open, so nobody gets emotional when they see you with the other dude you rocking with. Instead of playing that “You’re Unsure Role”, and years later you’re still confused? you don’t see a problem? then maybe you need to find your happiness else where.

Woman need to understand their surroundings will always be judged entirely, and they need to understand what comes with it. If your friends are disloyal or haven’t even been in a relationship/not even looking, and you claim you’re loyal, then expect your loyalty to be questioned, not due to insecurity, but due to your surrounding’s and the decisions they make who make people believe otherwise because assumptions, as we all know, go a long way!


– Signed, Anonymous.

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