Whispers Of A New Era

The Wii U Controller

The Playstation 3, Xbox 360 & Nintendo Wii have run their course it seems like. It was officially announced at E3 this past summer that Nintendo would be releasing it’s new console, dubbed the “WiiU” in 2012 it would finally usher Nintendo into the HD era and sport a iPad-like controller, that has a touch screen, a stylus, microphone, two circle pads, a rocket launcher, accelerometer, gyroscope & a front-facing camera. The controller has the capability to let you play a console game entirely on the controller (At a reasonable distance away from the console), or for example, you could be playing a game on the TV screen, but have the in game map on the controller’s screen. It looks cool an we’ve all been begging for a HD Zelda since we learned what HD was. There are a few issues here though. First of all reports are saying only ONE of the super cool iPad-like controllers can be used at a time. If that’s true then Nintendo needs to just shut it down and go back to the Mario covered drawing board, but the console is a year off so they have plenty of time to fix all the gadgets & gizmos under the hood. I don’t want to bore you with the all the specs, but it seems like it won’t be any more powerful than a PS3 or 360, so when the successors for those two come out Nintendo will once again be behind in terms of graphics. This doesn’t matter though as we all know because the graphically inferior, Wii sold more than its competitors.

This is NOT the next Xbox…..or is it?

The Xbox 360 is in a weird spot……What do you call this thing? The 720? The Xbox 3? The reason they went with 360 in the first place was to not look inferior to the PS3. Now you have to think about that and not sounding ridiculous. The officially unofficial code name that has been going around is “Loop”. Stupid I know, but there’s only so much they can do after “360” without changing the name entirely. Word has it that Ubisoft (Splinter Cell, Assassin’s Creed) are already in early planning stages of making games for the Loop. We have no clue how powerful it’ll be, what hard drive size it may have, or if it’ll have a Kinect 2.0 right out the box. I know nothing. What I can assume is that we won’t hear anything official until E3 2012, if we hear anything at all. You have to remember that they still want to sell 360s & they have a little game by the name of Halo 4 coming out this time next year. So they won’t make any announcements until they are ready to take that hit and also show us some actual games. I expect a Holiday 2013 release and 60% of the time I’m right every time.


The Fictional “PlayStation 9″

The Playstations 3 LOST! Man, it hurts to say! I have a place in my heart for Sony. My father has loved & trusted the company for years when buying products and he passed that down to me along with his looks. The PS1 & PS2 together have sold over 200 million systems while the PS3 is at about 55 million, behind the 360 and Wii . Do you guys remember when this thing came out!? 600 dollars! I bought my car for $650 just to give you some perceptive. I love my PS3, but speaking on it’s past is hurting me as I type (Kabir whips tears off of keyboard). The PS4 is rumored to have a nuclear reactor, rocks from the moon, a flux compasitor & a human baby powering it. I’m not sure how much this thing will cost though.

This is not really in the PS4

“This is what makes time travel possible” (This is a Back To The Future reference and not actually in the PS4)

Sony lost a lot of money on the PS3 and only recently started making money back so they are in NO hurry to put out a new system. I think Sony is going to play the waiting game to see how gamers react to the WiiU & what Microsoft brings to the table in terms of raw power. One thing both Sony & Microsoft want to do is have their system be the only box under your TV so expect these next consoles to have every thing you can thing of, from Netflix, Hulu, ESPN, Facebook, Twitter and the news.

I’m still not done with my PS3 yet, The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword just came out on the Wii & Halo 4 is still cooking. Do we really need new consoles yet? I’m so broke that this topic gets me sad, but excited to see where these games can go next.

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