4 Things To Expect From Game Of Thrones Season 7

This last season of Thrones was amazing. The finale was easily their best season ender and a reminder that there is no show like it on TV. With source material full of content and fans that take Westerosi politics more seriously than reality, the show has become a behemoth within pop culture. Jon Snow was brought back from the dead, and with the help of Sansa, was able to take back Winterfell from Ramsey Bolton. After fighting against his calling it seems like he’s finally embraced his role as a leader. He’s ready to be the King Winterfell needs. Sansa has become a cold calculating player of the game, similar to Little Finger. In King’s Landing, Cersei completely hijacked the Iron Throne after her wildfire antics and the death of her only surviving son. Dany is finally ready to ride west with her army. She’s collected Unsullied, Dothraki and Greyjoys to rally for the crown. The show clearly has the endgame in sight. Pieces are moving and plots are starting to combine… or in High Sparrow’s case end. Here are four things I expect from the next season of Thrones.

Cersei & Jamie Aren’t In Love Anymore

Jamie Lannister is one of the most complex characters on Thrones. His screen time doesn’t correlate to this level of nuance. Think about it! He’s in love with a woman (his sister) who’s completely lost her mind. He’s watching her become the very thing he destroyed when he murdered The Mad King, ruining his reputation. What made the season 6 finale so special was the character moments. As Cersei took her place on the Iron Throne, the look she shared with Jamie said everything and nothing. Jamie is not as evil as she is. As much as he loves her, he won’t burn the world for her. He has some humanity left. I think that side of him will be challenged when he learns what Cersei did and when he learns their son killed himself because of it. Even with Ice Zombies and Fire-spitting Dragons, the battle between these two might be the most interesting next season.

Jon Will Embrace His Destiny

This is super vague, I know! It could mean anything. But I do see him become the Stark he thought he never could be. I think he might ride a dragon by the end of the season. Bran will reunite with the family and reveal Jon’s true lineage. I think what Jon decided to do with the news with set him on a course towards honor & glory or death & destruction. He might struggle with the same savior/conqueror complex that Dany is. Regardless, I hope he is fundamentally changed after next season. Although his death was all we could talk about during the offseason, his actual resurrection on the show was inconsequential to his character or trajectory. Hopefully, next season will be different.

Dany Will Sit On The Iron Throne

After seasons of setback and runarounds, Dany is ready to take the Iron Throne. With three massive dragons, a large fleet and loyal army Dany will take the Iron Throne. It’s only a matter of time. I cannot wait for her and Cersei to share screen time. Dany has never faced a character quite like Cersei and Cersei is completely untethered and might destroy King’s Landing before the dragons do. What makes her arrival even more interesting are the recent developments up North. Can Dany and Jon co-exist? Will she listen to his warnings about Winter? Will they fall in love? Isn’t she like his Aunty? I don’t know. Either way, I’m excited for her to land in Westeros.

A Shorter Season

Benioff & Weiss, the creators of the show, have confirmed that the final two season of Thrones will contain seven episodes each. You heard right! We have 14 episodes left. So things are going to move quickly. The show will also start later next year because of the tight schedule and huge production. What are you expecting to see in season 7? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter.

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