What Is SOPA? (By: @Saybz)

In Case Y’all Were Wondering What In The World SOPA Is Or Why Google Looks Like This Today The Intelligent Sabrina Breaks It Down For Us, How It Can Affect Us & What We Can Do To Make A Change. Shout Outs To Her.


Sorry 4 The Letters, Senator

Dear whoever is reading this blog,

As a young adult, and someone who is engulfed in the internet world (which we all are), I was extremely disheartened by the Stop Online Piracy Act. Even more so, I was disappointed in my lack of knowledge about the topic. So, to make it more simple, I figured I’d write out some facts about it and steps you can take to combat it.

Thank you for your time.

Love, Loyalty, Hustle


1) What is SOPA?

SOPA is the STOP ONLINE PIRACY ACT. It claims that it will make the internet safer but in essence hinders freedom of speech. Such tactics as BLOCKING URLS, BANNING SITES can be put into place. It is a direct blow to American companies that use the internet to engage & interact with their consumers. The Senate begins voting on this issue on January 24th which means the timeline is winding down.

2) How can this affect me?

If you use the internet to run any form of business, whether it be party promo, selling t-shirts or blogging, you are affected. If you shop online, get information online, connect with family or friends online- you are affected.

3) What can I do to help?

There are 3 simple steps.

1) Send your Senator an e-mail or physical letter. Here is a prewritten form & list of addresses: http://downagainstsopa.com/takeaction.php

2) Sign the GOOGLE petition & join the millions fighting this filter on our liberties. The right hand panel makes it easy for you: https://www.google.com/landing/takeaction/

3) Do what you are doing now: TWEET, BLOG, TUMBLE & UPDATE YOUR STATUS. Make noise about why you won’t sit down quietly about this act.

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