What Is Justice Trayvon? (By: @TheKabirReport)

I felt very bothered by the verdict in Florida, and not because George Zimmerman will be set free, but because of how surprised I was. I didn’t pay much attention to the case because I don’t think it ultimately matters what happens to the man. A young life has already been lost, and putting this one man in jail will not fix one symptom of an entire foundation’s sickness. I had come to the conclusion in my mind that there was no way they would let him go free. There was too much national attention pointed at this case, and for the country to blatantly express how little it cares about its black people would be ridiculous. But I was wrong and America should never be underestimated.

I don’t know much about the judicial branch, nor Florida state law, but it doesn’t make sense for a person to claim self-defense when they created the initial confrontation. Either way the deed is done and Zimmerman is a “free” man… If that’s how you want to describe the rest of his life. Many black people said that the justice system failed, and the courts are unfair and racist. My only thought is when was it ever fair? When did the justice system become balanced racially for you to make this claim? I guess we forgot that nearly half the people in jail are black, or that black men get longer sentences for similar crimes compared to their white counterparts. We must have overlooked the “Stop & Frisk” issue is New York, or Chavis Carter who “allegedly” shot himself in the head while handcuffed in a cop car. We didn’t remember Jordan Davis who was shot at a gas station by a white man after refusing to turn down his music, or more than 100 other black people killed by “law enforcement.”The system didn’t fail it was doing its job.” The country has constantly stressed the illusion of equality but it has never existed, and its only in instances like this when we remember. We foolishly believe that being able to go to the same schools, work at the same job, and eat at the same restaurant will create equality, but our condition and the way we see one another shows that is not the case. A black man is still seen as a threat or a criminal who hasn’t been persecuted yet.

This trial was not about race“- White People

Race is the only reason why Zimmerman left his car to follow Trayvon and I will not let any other explanation enter my consciousness. Racial profiling happens all the time and any cop who says otherwise is a liar. The concept of the black man as a criminal has been apart of White American culture long before Birth Of A Nation and it hasn’t gone away. The all-female jury was interesting when you remember the historical relationship between black men & white women. A history of false accusations (Rosewood, Kobe), manipulation, and more recently counterproductive relationships in public education. I’m not surprised that these women believed Trayvon was able to overpower George. They’ve been indoctrinated to see us as brutish and violent, able to rob and harm for no reason.

We are asking a system that has never cared about us to provide justice for us. Black people have gone from property, to three-fifths human, to minority, while only having power in rare instances. Power is what we should be marching and organizing for. The power to determine how we raise our children, feed one another, employ one another, educate ourselves and create our own justice. When we have power we can declare that a death like that Trayvon experienced will never happen to a child of our community again. Justice is not just putting one man in jail, I believe it is disabling this racist nation’s ability to commit crimes upon us. I think that’s justice for the young brother, but what do I know?