#WCW – @Poursomehenny

For as long as I’ve known Hennessy, which is not very long at all, her optimism for entering into the fashion industry has been evident. I have seen some of her work and her creativity knows no bounds. Conversations with her are inspiring to say the least, one minute we’re talking about the struggles of school and the next her future goals of fashion industry dominance. It’s something that she has put 100% of her mind to and she has never turned her back on it. She has never doubted herself or her abilities to become one of the best out there and continues to put pieces into places to fulfill her dreams. That’s why when it was official that she became a KSWISS Brand Ambassador I wasn’t surprised. It’s something that she has mentioned before, and she has built upon to the point where she made it happen. Did I mention she is 1 of 50 brand ambassadors acrossthe country? I know what you’re thinking, who wears KSWISS. Well, soon with it’s Styled By Henny’s inspiration it’s possible we might! It’s impressive and it’s a start. So congratulations to Hennessy on her everlasting journey to the top of the fashion industry. We here at S4TB wish you nothing, but the best!


-Larry (HiLarryous)

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