WCW: Leyanne


So we decided that we wanted to take time to highlight some of the women from or in Rhode Island, that are currently making their presence felt in the community.

This week’s WCW is Leyanne Oliveira

Leyanne is a 24 year old business woman. She graduated from URI with a bachelors in Accounting. A year later she started a restaurant business with her sisters. She co-owns and manages the Monte-Cara restaurant. During the day she’s an auditor for Ernest and Young.

Her goal is to continue investing in real estate & creating different business ventures while being a full time life coach which is what she knows her  actual purpose is

” I would want people to know aside from my purpose of helping others reach their full potential as a life coach, as an immigrant I can’t wait to be at a place financially that I can impact my country (CV) on a huge level. Creating businesses, providing jobs, & helping the youth by providing micro loans for their entrepreneurial dreams

Family & friends ate my ultimate source of motivation and drive.”

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