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Water Only Washing Is A Thing?!

I never really considered water only washing a thing until I met a woman from St. Lucia and Naptural85. The woman was asking about my hair, how I got it so defined and the products that I use, you know – the quintessential questions that every natural is asked at one time or another. I always return the questions once answered. Her responses shocked me a bit. She said that in St. Lucia she did not put anything in her hair. She would rinse it with water and pack it up. She mentioned how soft the water was in St. Lucia and how the water in the States made her hair dry and brittle. I was a bit dumbfounded but did not think too much into it until Naptual85 did a video on it.

It took me a while to understand that “cowashing” can actually cleanse hair. Now people are using just ordinary water. Pure water! What? How Sway? How? (LOL!) Apparently, the this method of washing is to allow your natural oils aka sebum to stay in your hair without it being striped by shampoo. It also allows the sebum to travel down the hair strands which has many benefits. This method seems promising! I have considered trying it during the summer but never got around to it. I do not think that this makes sense in the fall/winter so I will probably give it a try next summer, maybe. If you have never heard of this method of washing please watch a few youtube videos. There are SO many to choose from.

Watch Naptural85’s video below.






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