Fab x Johan

2016 MTV VMA’s Best Male Look (@Lesly_LES_)

The MTV VMA’s red carpet has become almost more anticipated than the actual show. I really enjoy this red carpet in comparison to the Oscars or the SAG’s because I think the VMA’s allows celebrities the chance to really take a fashion risk and express their personal style without concern of being “under-dressed.”

Fabolous VMA

My favorite look of the night was Fabolous. I think he is arguably the best dressed street style celebrity. He knows how to put the right combinations together. Also, Fabolous has the tendency to appear in a lot of custom pieces as well. At the 2016 VMA’s, Fabolous wore Aaliyah’s 1996 MTV Rock N Jock jersey and a vintage MTV satin jacket.

Fabolous Aaliyah

Fabolous even brought his son Johan into the mix at the VMA’s. Prince Joso was wearing a Pokemon inspired wardrobe. He had on a cool Pikachu hat and t-shirt. Overall, it was a very cool concept for both outfits and well executed. I’m sure this isn’t going to be the last time we see the father and son duo on the red carpet.

Fab x Johan 2 Johan

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