Twitter marks 10 years !

Twitter, the social  media sharing company that re-innovated the culture of social networking globally turns 10 today. The first ever tweet was made by Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey and the rest was history.

First Ever Tweet !


Although Twitter isn’t as dominant in the social media sharing world like it used to be it still remains one of most important tech and cultural innovations of the past century. According to VentruBeat.com, Twitter is a $2.22 billion company and currently has 974 million users, there are an average of 374,000 tweets sent every minute, new research even suggests that  Twitter can be as addicting as cigarettes and alcohol. In the Sweden the official account of  the country is given to a random citizen to manage every week and here in the United States, every Tweet  Americans send is being archived by the Library of Congress.

Even with all its success, the social media giant has been facing some hurdles, the company has had four CEOs in 10 years and recently “let go” of 4 high-ranking executives. Twitter has also lost close to $2 billion late last year and continues to do so. The company also has a major problem with diversity among its employees, according to the Verge, “Only 3 percent of  Twitter’s employees are black or Latino” 90% are men. There have been strides by the company to increase its diversity among employees, in December the company hired former Apple exec. Jeffery Siminoff as its new VP of Diversity and Inclusion, Siminoff led the global diversity and inclusion efforts at investment giant Morgan Stanley and is a founding member of  Out Leadership, a global LGBT leadership organization.

Here is to 10 more years Twitter !

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