Tupac Shakur – We Have To Find The New African [Speech]

The Revolutionaries are killed too soon. Tupac could have been that black leader we’ve needed since The Black Panthers were destroyed. He says that “we have to find the new African”. The idea of what it means to be African has been trivialized to simply wearing African clothes, eating the food and listening to the music. The African state of mind is the idea of putting your brothers and sisters first. Its about making sure all your people prosper, not just you and your immediate family. Its about understand that if ONE is oppressed then ALL are oppressed. We have to let go of individualism. We’re all our own minds and we’re all the product of our experiences, but simply finding “happiness” as defined in society today is just a synthetic one.

Karl Marx speaks about “Class Consciousness”, when the poor and working class people of a capitalist society come together, educate themselves on their situation and then overthrow their oppressor. I think that under White Supremacy, that ALL black people are under, we need to find “Race Consciousness”, when black people come together, educate themselves, build our own independent economy and infrastructure and take back Africa. We need to find our racial identity.

Rest In Peace Tupac

– Kabir Lambo

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