Top 5

Top 5 Songs This Week – 5/27/2013

Number 5


My Number 5 goes to Drake’s artist, Party Next Door. Just found about this dude this past week and there’s been two songs from him that are probably already in my most played iTunes. Here’s one of them called “Make A Mil”.

Download: Party Next Door – Make A Mil


Number 4


My number 4 goes to J.Cole, you know I had to find a way to throw him in there. I’m still listening to this Kenny Lofton off his EP: Truly Yours II.

Number 3


I can tell this Party Next Door guy is weird just like The Weeknd, he really has like no pictures on the internet so I’m just gonna use this same artwork. This one is called Wus Good/Curious, and it’s my Number 3.

Number 2


My Number 2 goes to Khaled’s No New Friends. I can’t believe I used to think this song was whack…

Number 1


My Number 1 song of the week is Erick Bellinger – Ex Again (Feat. Jhene Aiko). This song is just way too smooth and real if you ask me. I’m honestly just getting sick and tired of waiting for a Jhene Aiko album too.