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AshaMonnae’s Top 4 Fashion Trends of 2015

2015 was definitely the year of simplicity. This year there were no patterns or designs that were must haves. The riskiest some designers got were stripes but mainly everything was a solid color. The colors were even simple like olive green, navy, maroon and neutrals. Although this year was simple there were definitely must haves for each season. Here are my top 4 fashion trends of 2015


1. Bomber Jackets

Bomber 2 Bomber Jacket1

If you don’t have a bomber jacket yet, its definitely time to get one. Bombers have become such an essential piece because they are so versatile. They go with just about anything. You can dress them up or down and they come in every color. Bombers will add the right amount of edge to your outfit and keep you warm at the same time.


2. T-Shirt and Shirt Dresses

tshirt dressshirt dress

Now ladies, I think we can all agree and say that T-Shirt and Shirt Dresses have been one of the best trends that 2015 had to offer because they are so comfy and loose fitting yet simple and chic. I lived in these dresses this summer and fall as well as celebs like Rihanna and Kylie Jenner. I personally can not wait for the weather to warm up again so I can wear my T-Shirt and Shirt Dresses again.



Bryson HatFuture Hat 1

Baseball caps and Fedoras made a lot of outfits this year and here are two people that have to be credited for this trend, Bryson Tiller and Future of course. Bryson had everyone running out to get Nike baseball caps while Future got everyone dabbing with their Fedoras.


4. Suede and Fringe

suede 1

In the fall suede and fringe made its come back into the fashion world. Every where I turned I saw suede  and fringe whether it was a jacket, skirt, top, or a pair of booties. You could not escape this trend. Everyone now has at one item that has fringe or suede or both!


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