My Top 4: Britney Spears Songs

Say what you will about the woman, she’s put out a number of hit songs throughout her career. And at her peak she was Pop Music. Every millennial knows about this former Mickey Mouse Club member who exploded on the scene with that school girl outfit. We all remember the tight red suit she wore in that video. We’ll never forget the time she came on stage with that snake, or when she kissed Madonna. She even went out with Justin Timberlake when he had back up singers. She had a mental breakdown in front of the world and even after she shaved her head we still loved her. Because she’s Britney and she’s perfect. From her time on X-Factor to her recent tenure in Vegas she still remains relevant. I felt it appropriate to share four of her songs I really enjoy. Because I love lists and you all love Britney, even if you think you don’t.