My Top 10: Kanye West Songs (By @TheKabirReport)

Kanye West will go down in history as one of the greatest rap artist of all time. All of his solo releases have been successful critically and commercially. If you ask five people which Kanye album is the best you might get five different answers. College Dropout stands as one of the great rap debuts of all-time. Late Registration is a worthy follow-up, and my personal favorite. Graduation is probably his most cohesive work. 808s was second-guesses, but in retrospect might be his most impactful album. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy incorporated the right elements of all his album to make something totally new. Yeezus may be in a similar place as 808s when it was released. It might take years for rap fan to appreciate it. The man has a ton of great songs, features, and verses, which made doing this very difficult. But here I give you my favorite Kanye West songs ever.

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