Top 5: Things To Do On Spring Break


5. Work


-If you have no other plans you might as well make some money. Pick up an extra shift or seven because none of your friends asked you to go with them to Miami to have threesomes and do lines. Make sure to tell everyone that you’re all about your money which is why you didn’t go on anywhere.

-Unfortunately Me & Kabir Were The Ones Left Behind While Sam Flexed On Us, So Instead Of Going In On Myself I’m Gonna Eurostep The Sh*t Outta This.

4. Netflix/Hulu


-It’s funny because every list we ever do has Netflix on it. This just shows how important it is.

-I’m More Of A Hulu Guy Myself, But As Much As I Hate Netflix I’ll Probably Never Get Rid Of It. I Spend Most Of My Time Looking For Something To Watch Than Actually Watching A Show. Most. Annoying. Sh*t. Ever.

3. Catch Up On School Work


Don’t Look At Me Like I’m Stupid. You Know Your Behind On A Few Things, So Now Is The Time To Be Studious And… Yeah, I Don’t Even Know Where My Bookbag Is Right Now.

2. Eat


This goes along with the last two. If you’re watching TV or pretending to do homework all vacation might as well stuff your face. Two large pizzas for you and your imaginary guest? Sure. Pancakes followed by your pre-post evening nap? Don’t mind if I do. While everyone else comes back with a tan, you come back with a few extra pounds.

1. Go Somewhere


It seems like everyone is in Miami right now, and can you blame them? While you’re here reading blogs you’re bestfriend is taking shots out of belly buttons. You don’t have to go to Cancun though.. take a nice day trip to Boston, New York, Pawtucket, somewhere new.