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Top 4: Instagram Models (By: @SholaBoyTellEm)

4. Yes Julz

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I’m Definitely Late On This Band Wagon Because I Wasn’t Aware Of This Fine Specimen’s Existence Till A Couple Of Months Ago When She Was Featured On An Episode Of Joe Budden’s I’ll Name This Podcast Later Podcast. So Being The Creep That I Am, I Needed To Put A Face To The Voice And The Rest Was History. I Can Legit Stare At Her Page For Days.


3. Ana Montana

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Lowkey Ana Was Probably The First IG Model I Ever Followed.. Or At Least I Think She Was. So Essentially She’s Like My First Love When It Comes To Instagram Models, So By Default She Has To Be In My Top 4… I Mean, Just Look At Her.


2. Dolly Castro

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.34.44 PM

I Wonder How Many People Have Risked It All For Her… Cause Wow. Granted Her Body Is Probably Fake Like Damn Near Every IG Model In The World, But For The Female’s Reading, Just Know That She’s Your Dream Man’s, Dream Girl… But That’s Neither Here Nor There.


1. Britney Watkins

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 2.37.53 PM

See.. I Had To Switch It Up On Y’all. Just Stare In Her Eyes And Get Lost In Her Curls.

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