Top 4 Future Songs Of 2015 (By: @Keem0therapy)

2015 was the year of Future.  Always known for his unique style, 2015 really saw his fan base grow exponentially.  That being said, lets jump right in to the top 4 future songs of 2015.

4. Trap Niggas

“When you wake before you brush your teeth grab the strap nigga”  Trap Niggas sums up futures style perfectly.  Great production, smooth flow and catchy lyrics.

3. Jumpman

Even drake couldn’t resist jumping on the future wave.  The duo teamed up to release the joint mixtape ‘What A Time To Be Alive’. Although some songs dissapointed, Jumpan is exactly the kind of fire we would expect from the two

2. Codeine Crazy

With future being a big advocate of dirty sprite, it only makes sense that Codeine Crazy would be his second best song of the year.  This track is a prime example of his ability to convey great emotion through his music.

1. March Madness

Every now and then and artist will slip up and drop some heat they shouldn’t even be capable of.  That’s what future did here.  Along with being his best song this year, it might be the best song overall in 2015.

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