Three C’s: Social Media Seduction [Blog]

The Three C’s: Social Media Seduction

By: Tyler Curry

What if you knew the love of your life was somewhere in the world, waiting to be connected with? Should you search far and wide, into the depths of the Universe until that person is found? Luckily for you, we have social media.

The revolution of the Digital Age changed the way people interact with one another. From the advent of instant messaging to our most current ability, to become our own mass media programmers, we now have the resources to reach virtually anyone in the world.

Our space has expanded and so has the potential of our network. Many of times, I’ve read articles about how to expand one’s professional network by way of social media, but what is success without someone to share it with? Whether it’s for the night or for the rest of your life, these rules will help you become a true master of seduction in the cybersphere.


STRATEGY. Yes, in order to become a true master of online seduction, one must be tactful, confident, and alluring. There are Three C’s of strategy one should abide by when concerning one’s magnetism: the Candidate, the Content, and the Comment


  • Candidate –In the game of Cyber Seduction there is one unwritten rule.


It’s not about whom you know; it’s about whom you get to know.


This concept is simple. Be realistic in whom you decide to pursue. Professing your love to Scarlett Johansson or Bradley Cooper on Twitter probably won’t get you a date, but how about that guy or girl you saw tagged in your friends album from Saturday night?


When you are realistic about your love choice, the outcomes are more tangible. This doesn’t mean you have to settle, but the Three C’s strategy has no satisfaction guarantee for miracles.


  • Content- Now that you have decided on the mysterious guy or girl to seduce, its time to really talk strategy. There is nothing worse than being the guy or girl that is trying too hard. The objective is to SEDUCE with aloofness and charm.


I find it works best when you take advantage of techniques that everyone uses (i.e. Retweets, and liking Facebook or Instagram Pictures). For example, instead of telling someone you think they are cute on a Facebook wall (where you are at the mercy of your interest and anyone who visits her page), like his or her pictures instead.


If you are truly a Jedi of seduction, your picture selection will be even more intricate. It is a mind game. Try liking pictures that you can infer having sentimental value to the poster. For example, like the picture he or she posted of a favorite album cover or maybe the cool scenery shot they posted when he or she was in another country. These have more personal connection than a picture at a party and more potential for being noticed.



  • CommentSuccess! You have gotten their attention. Now what? You increase your level of interest with words. For the past few days, weeks, or however long, you have been establishing your online identity to this love interest. Now it is time for what I call, the Virtual Stake Out. Please note that I am not encouraging physical stalking. What I mean by virtual stake out is the stage when you pay extra attention to your interest’s online identity. Delve into the depths of their photo album and comment on the most obscure image of said interest.


In this stage you reinforce their ideas, their comments, their life. For example, if your crush is tweeting about how much he or she loved Law Abiding Citizen, you simply respond with a movie quote. Immediately, you two have established an inside connection. Remember this is a mind game. One must be a Master Jedi with an ability to predict reactions, responses, so on and so forth.


Granted, there are specific strategies on how to most effectively make your online identity stand out to a love interest. The specifications to those strategies are relative to each social medium, but that is another article.


Use the Three C’s wisely with much precision. There will always be a fine line between persistent and annoying, so steer clear of the latter. However with the right strategy and online identity, you could land a date with the virtual girl or guy of your dreams!

T.C is a Journalism Student at URI, and is also our good friend.  We love her style and artistic personality. She is working on her current blog site and it will be fully up and running soon!

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