There is no luck in success

When everything seems to be going well in your life, some people find ways to belittle your accomplishments by labeling you lucky. By calling someone lucky it’s as if you are declaring that their sacrifices, long nights and early mornings, they’re struggles and dreams are not valid, or valid enough. It is like everything you have ever worked for all of a sudden was able to come to fruition not by your ambitious ways, but by an unpredictable, uncontrollable force that by chance allowed everything you ever wanted to just fall right into your lap. Honestly, being called lucky is one of the biggest insults someone can say to me. Calling me lucky is saying that my efforts and goals are inferior to your struggle because by being lucky I rarely had to sweat to seem my dreams come true.
I was advised early in my life by mentors and people who saw my potential on how to become successful. Successful being defined by what ever you see success as. I learned at an early age that only I can control my future, only I can obtain happiness through my efforts and I had to take responsibility for myself, never relying on other’s to do much of anything for me.
I also learned that in order for me to grow as a person, I must share the knowledge that I do know. Share the wealth, no crabs in a barrel mentality over here.

1. Take risk/Embrace Change: Change is inevitable. In order for new things to come your way, you have to embrace the idea of change and also taking the risk of stepping out of your comfort zone. Once one’s mind is opened to new ideas, new places, new people, etc. one’s mind could never go back to it’s previous way of thinking and doing. An opportunity is always ready to present itself to you, you just have to be ready to spot it or ready to take the chance, regardless how intimidating it may be. Nothing ever stays the same, as much as we want it to. Take that leap of faith and leave your fears behind you.

2. Be creative: Our society doesn’t approve of creativity because it does not want people to think for themselves or create their own paths. Creative people invent, create, problem-solve, are innovative and are imaginative. Creativity allows one to develop new ways of thinking and communicating therefore, allowing new and innovative ways of succeeding. When one allows creativity to flow into their lives they find that different methods of critical thinking allow them to over come obstacles a lot easier. Creativity creates options and a vital piece of executing your plan to success is having more than just one plan. Creative people understand their imagination can take them to higher levels because they are not blinded by set models of success. If you can imagine it, you can become it. Imagine, plan, execute and create a life of your own. 

3. Never let anyone see you sweat: Make it look too easy. It’s all apart of how you react to things working out or not falling through. You will fail a hundred times before you get to where you want to be. Never lose, just learn and take what you’ve learned as you approach a new goal. You will have to make hard decisions, be put in uncomfortable situations and have various pressures against you. The more you speak and think about the difficulty of something, the worse it seems. You have to adapt to the mindset of a winner, someone who understands that their energy and sense of confidence has a lot to do with what they can accomplish. Do not make excuses of why you can’t and do not take no as an answer from anyone, especially someone who is not even in the position to tell you yes. Be patient, think positively and never stop working on ways to be better than the person you were the day before. See only yourself as competition and approach every situation with an attitude that screams humility and confidence.

4. If you don’t ask, you don’t get: There are people in this world, some you may or may not know, that are way more well connected than you are. They can make things happen at the snap of a finger or know someone who can. You want to know those people, you want to have powerful, well-connected and intelligent people in your network. Say you want an internship, looking for a new job or need scholarship money, how else are you going to get something you need if don’t ask for it? There is never harm in asking for anything, the worst someone can say to you is no and from there you move on to the next window of opportunity. Introduce yourself to people you admire, whom you look up to and who have the connections you know you need. Never fear rejection, let  it be the driving force in your quest to become successful (again, whatever you define that as).

5. Move in silence: You don’t owe anyone an explanation of how, why or what you are doing with your life. No one will understand your goals as well as you. Actions always speak louder than words. There is never a need to brag about your winnings, of what you are doing to get what you want or why you are doing it. You don’t need to validate to anyone that what you are doing is right for you. Like I said, people will try to strip your character of it’s hard work ethic. You will receive praise and criticism, hate, jealousy and admiration. People will love and hate you for the same reason, regardless. Live for none of these, only live for the things you believe in, and that should be yourself. Never let anyone know all the tricks you have up your sleeve. Silent victories are the best ones, so let your work speak for itself.

6. Cultivate the habit of being grateful: I don’t care how many people’s Twitter or Instagram names are @Selfmade or how many songs are titled the same. You can claim you did it all on your own, you can claim that you never had help from anyone but the honest truth is no one can reach any level of success without a support system. Whether it’s your friends, family, inspiring school teacher, a college professor, advisor, even the homeless man on the bus that is always spitting some quotable sh*t, no one can make it a lone. Your network of people has inspired you to get to where you are and also provided you with resources, advise or some kind of useful information for obtaining your goals. Do not lose the chance to express your gratitude to them. You owe them a thank you or at least accomplishing your dreams. Express to them that their help, their words or connections helped you achieve a new height in your life. Understand the value of someone else’s time.
You didn’t get to where you are by luck. You worked hard and will continue to do so. Never settle, never get comfortable, never think you know it all.
There are, indeed levels to this.

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