HBO’s “The Night Of” Is REALLY Good

HBO is great! They’ve been great for a long time. Right now they have the biggest show on TV with Game Of Thrones and the funniest show on TV with Veep. Last week they decided to start streaming the first episode of their new miniseries The Night Of. The show is about a Naz, a Pakistani college student, who has the worst night ever. The set up is so unlucky and you feel so bad for the character that you can’t help but watch. In this first episode, you can see that this eight-episode series will take its time to flesh out all the players in the story. We meet Jack Stone, an odd lawyer played by Turturro. He only shows up for the last half of the episode but I’m already interested to see what watch his story unfold as it crosses with Naz. If you’re looking for a dark, moody murder mystery with a fantastic protagonist, this is right up your alley!

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