@TheKabirReport’s Favorite Movies Of 2012

2012 was a great year for movies. We finally saw the Avengers assemble and the end of the Dark Knight Trilogy. We laughed at 21 Jump Street, cried during Beast Of The Southern Wild, and yawned during The Amazing Spider-Man (lol). Overall, it was a good year at the movies and with that being said, here are my favorites in no particular order.

Moonrise Kingdom

I’m a sucker for a good love story and this is one of the best I’ve seen. The young girl, Suzy, is a troubled child with a love for books, and no friends to mention. The young boy, Sam, is an orphan who just doesn’t fit in anywhere, especially with his Boy Scout peers. The two meet at a play, become pen pals, and soon plan to runaway together. On their journey they find a beach, dub it “Moonrise Kingdom”, dance half naked together, make out, get a little boob action, and fall in love.
Wes Anderson is a great director who has a style all his own. Bill Murray is great as he usually is, and Bruce Willis does well also. And the film was shot in Rhode Island! What’s not to love about this movie?

The Dark Knight Rises

The end of one of the best trilogies ever. It wasn’t better than the last one, but who cares? This movie was damn good. You get great acting, great action, and a great story. Batman gets the worst beating in Batman movie history and I almost shed a tear.. I’m joking, but not really Seriously though, Batman Vs. Bane (Part 1) was one of the best scenes in any Batman movie. All of Bane’s shit talking, the lack of any music, and Batman yelling in frustration was amazing. The “Occupy Wallstreet”-themed plot was appropriate, and relevant  The ending of the movie was so perfect I had to sit in my seat a little after it ended. I remember telling my friend Nick, “this is what movies are all about”.


A Sci-Fi action film starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt? I was excited after the first trailer, and this didn’t disappoint. Set in the year 2044, things seem futuristic without being  ridiculous. No flying cars, or walking robots, just a lot of solar panels, and cool scroll-out computers. One of the best scenes would have to be with Bruce & Joseph sitting together in a diner talking about whats best for one another . Their talking about one another’s future that already happened, but kinda didn’t because he came to the past, to make sure he doesn’t have to come back to the future? I made it more confusing than it is…  It’s a little trippy.

The Avengers

When I say this is the best comic book movie ever (which it is), I say this not including movies like The Dark Knight or Spider-Man 2 because, I think The Avengers is literally the definition of a perfect comic book film. This movie doesn’t try and make you think, it doesn’t go into who these characters are (that’s what their solo movies are for). Its just straight action, humor and entertainment. Its Joss Whedon bringing these four heroes together and allowing us to watch a comic book… And did I mention it has a Hulk?

Django Unchained

“Is that a nigga on a horse!?”

Had to wait until I watched this to do my list. Jamie Foxx stars as a “free” slave-turn-bounty hunter, out to save his wife. Christopher Waltz as Dr. King (Get it?) has another amazing performance, and Leonardo DiCaprio as Calvin Candy is a great bag guy. I think we can all agree that Samuel L. Jackson stole the show as the House Salve Stephen. And there was a hilarious bit of dialogue about KKK hoods.

One thing I found unsurprising about this movie is that even though it is set during slavery it doesn’t really look at slavery, and that’s fine. Its not Quniten Terinteno’s job to show us slavery’s true colors and effects, but it is his job to entertain us, and he did that. I know this isn’t one of those blogs, but Black people shouldn’t look at this as some source of empowerment, but simply entertainment… If you want to pull a Spike Lee and boycott the movie then you’re missing out man.

Honorable Mentions

Ted- The movie dragged a bit, but I laughed a lot.

The Grey- What a sad movie man. You get the vibe early on that there is no hope for these guys, and as the movie goes on you lose any bit of hope you kept. The end is very hit-or-miss, but I loved it.

Skyfall- James Bond going against one of the best bad guys in any movie all year.

Beasts Of The Southern Wild- I love Hushpuupy!

The Perks Of Being A Wallflower- This is my life in a nutshell.

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