@TheKabirReport’s Favorite Films: Anchorman

2004 was one of those life changing years for me. I was a young guy looking for a fictional anchorman from the 70’s to guide me, and I found it in Will Ferrell’s adaptation of Ron Burgundy. A completely ignorant, self absorbed and obnoxious character who won the hearts of all San Diego (It translates to a “Whale’s Vagina”). He was easily the funniest character I had watched since Ace Ventura. The movie was filled with memorable moments from sex panther, to jazz flutes, to pants parties. I was blown away by what I was seeing on my television screen the first time, I remember my father & I were laughing throughout the entire film. Easily, one of my all-time favorite movie scenes is when Baxter is punted off the bridge by Jack Black’s character after getting hit with a burrito. This movie film was Sophisticated Ignorance before it became a term, blending dumb scenarios with witty dialogue. Will and the crew created a film that was so ridiculous that it was almost stupid, but turned out to be genius, and Will’s best work. Years later I still laugh at the same scenes and have found smaller things to laugh about like the story Tino begins to tell Ron & Veronica on their first date . When dealing with comedies I think everyone must go into it knowing that the jokes are stupid and corny, but what jokes aren’t stupid? What’s the last thing you laughed at that wasn’t at least a bit corny? A wise man once told me “A good joke is just a statement that is stupid and smart at the same time“. It was actually a dog that told me this, he was so wise, like a miniature Buddha covered in hair. Watch this film if you haven’t.

You Stay Classy San Diego.

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