@TheKabirReport’s Favorite Films: Superbad

Superbad is one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen and it deserves to be named amongst the greats in the genre. Released in 2007, it introduced us to Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Christopher Charles Mintz-Plasse and Emma Stone, who have all gone on to have successful careers. Jonah is one of the biggest comedic actors in Hollywood with the success of 21 & 22 Jump Street. Michael Cera has starred in cult films like Scott Pilgram Vs. The World and Juno. Emma has become a household name with the The Amazing Spider-Man franchise. Christopher has had the hardest time moving away from the “McLovin'” shadow, because his character is so ridiculous and so well acted its jarring to see him as any other character. He has been able to find some success as the villain in the Kick-Ass series. Everyone was casted perfectly in the movie. Jonah and Michael worked off of one another so well. McLovin’s subplot with Officer Michaels and Slater showed two men in arrested development that mirrored Seth and Evan. Emma worked perfectly as the cute girl that was cool, but out of their league. The stars aligned in terms of  the script, casting and execution.

The story is a classic tale of two high school seniors trying to get laid before college. What makes the movie so incredible is the characters and situations they’re thrown into. Seth turns a simple Home Ec. class into a sex fantasy, lunch time is all about dick drawings and a simple dance with a drunk girl ends with a period… Literally. McLovin’ is asked to get booze for the evenings events, but his fake I.D isn’t up to par. “Mclovin’! Sounds like an Irish R&B singer,” or “One name!? One name!? What are you Seal!?” This movie if full of quotables and laugh out loud moments. It’s also a sweet story about two friends who have to learn to live without each other. We all go through it, but its interesting to see it play out within this sex-filled romp.

I can still watch this movie and laugh at the same jokes, and I find new things to laugh at all the time. Literally every time Seth is hit by that car I laugh and constantly think I should’ve wore the vest. If I’ve ever “booped” your nose before its because of this movie. 

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