@TheKabirReport’s Favorite Films: The Legend Of The Drunken Master

We all love Jackie Chan. Because on top of being able to beat the crap out of most people, he’s actually funny while doing it. His style of fighting is so unorthodox that you can’t help but watch and try to imitate. He’ll jump into a shopping kart and kick your chest in, or he’ll use the tie you’re wearing to get the upper hand and punch you in the face.

Jackie has had a number of great movies, from the Police Story films, Shanghai Noon,  Rumble In The Bronx,  Rush Hour 1 & 2, but if I had to pick the one that blends fighting and humor best it would have to be The Legend Of The Drunken Master, also known as Drunken Master II. The story is pretty simple, the British Embassy is trying to steal Chinese artifacts, and Jackie, through utter accident, is the hero who has to reclaim the artifacts to preserve Chinese history. The seemingly funny story has a pretty serious cultural & political undertone. Nevertheless, the story is hilarious especially the scenes with Jackie and Anita Mui, who have great chemistry together. The two are constantly trying to trick their way out of punishment from Jackie’s father. At one point Anita fakes being pregnant, and they both have this fake cry that the father constantly falls for. The fighting is top notch as Jackie does his traditional kung-fu and the more unorthodox “Drunken Boxing” which is a sloppy and more fluid form of combat. Almost every fight scene is memorable from the first fight under the train with the Ginseng Thief, the Axe Gang Brawl, or the final showdown with the main protagonist who kicks more than Chun-Li.  This is Jackie at his finest.