The Dream’s ‘Falsetto’ Is One Of The Great R&B Jams Of Our Generation


The Dream is probably one of my all-time favorite artists. My love for him has waned since high school and early college, but I still think the man is incredibly talented, albeit odd. He’s been integral to the fabric of popular urban music for the last decade and his influence can’t be overstated. His solo career has several high points and you can read my top 10 list for him HERE. I think the one song that proves how special The Dream is Falsetto. It’s a masterpiece.

The production is amazing. There are some songs you hear that sound like sex and this is one of them. The lyrics are corny and sleezy like all great R&B songs. The guitar riff is perfect, and the “take a shower” bit is a fine touch at the end. You don’t have to be a big fan of The Dream, but you must appreciate this song and how godddamn sexy it is. Enjoy my friends. Make sweet love to your partner as The Dream coons in the background. This is my gift to you… Good day!

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