Take a second and follow The Curl Friend Challenge on Instagram HERE. This page was created to help empower and motivate people on their path towards natural hair and overall healthy living. Wearing your hair naturally is a privilege a lot of people don’t have to think about, but other do, and this is to promote and highlight them. Hopefully we can change the perception of what “good” hair is and encourage everyone to embrace who they are, both inside and out. Seeing as its called The Curl Friend Challenge¬†here’s the test.

  1. Wear A Protective Style 5-6 Days A Week
  2. Finger Detangle As Often As Possible
  3. Deep Condition Bi-Weekly
  4. Drink 3-4 Green Smoothies A Week & 4 Bottles Of Water A Day
  5. Exercise 4 Times A Week

Obviously you can modify the list as you go, but these are initial steps you can take to live healthier. You can contact us here at S4TB or Precious Kafo HERE to get your photo on Instagram.

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