The Year of The 4: S4TB at a glance, 2015. @hypeisnow_

This year has been a lot of things, but dull is not one of them. From trends like hover boards, dabbing, and snapchat gaining momentum, S4TB has been busy updating Rhode Island on the latest in hip-hop, fashion, sports, celebrity gossip and most recently adding a news correspondent. This year our team has grown, both maturing in our content as well as gaining a few members (I cannot even keep up with how many of us there are anymore). In the craziness of keeping a schedule for everyone to post on the blog, planning events, and teaming up with other RI media outlets for creative projects, we are appreciative of the support that we have received from our followers and from each other. We composed a short list to take you through what we feel are the 4 more memorable moments of 2015 for us. We hope that you continue to rock with us.

  1. We Turned 4!:


This is huge for us. We have fed and nourished our vision. We have watched it grow from a small group men with a dream (S/O to my S4TB ladies !) to a solid squad of passionate individuals contributing what they love and bringing it to RI. Like any parents trying their best to keep their baby alive, we have bumped heads over ideas, argued about what is best for our kid, and had really mushy moments of admiration over the work we each have put in. But, as the saying goes, “It takes a village to raise a child”, our small victories would not have been possible without our supporters.

  1. The Last Resort:

This pissed a lot of people off, but hey, #sorryNOTsorry. Kabir Lambo, a co-founder of S4TB wrote a lengthy blog post about his disturbing encounter with an RI establishment. If you did not know this, S4TB has held an event at the Last Resort before, #DrivingAndDiving, a pool party. However, as we attempted to kick off the summer with another pool party, we were given the run around. It became very evident that The Last Resort wished to not do business with us. In the words of the owner, Dave,  “I just don’t want three hundred black people here, you know?” As young creatives of color, it is difficult finding establishments that not only get our vision, but respect our audience. Being turned away from a business because our music, clothes, and the crowd that we attract is too black for them to handle is just one part of the issue. Many businesses will happily take our money to rent their space but will try to dictate every aspect of our events. Can we live? So, this post was written for everyone to see. Whether it pissed some people off or not, it was the truth and we only try to put you on game.

Follow link to post below:

  1. Art On The Ave:


Providence is the creative capital and home to one of the best art schools in the country, RISD, and home to exceptionally talented individuals. With the partnership of the good folks at The Avenue Concept located on the South Side of Providence, we were able to launch what we hope becomes a RI tradition. We wanted to create an event where we took people out of the mindset that art is just for a certain kind of person. Art surrounds us, and it is time we embrace it publicly. For both of the events, we gathered a group of fresh artists, ranging in age, race, ethnicity and back grounds to display and sell their work. We encouraged event goers to buy local art as well as take the time to get to know the creators on a more personal level. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store.

Click the links below to read previous post recapping both the events as well as a Q&A we had with some of the artists who donated their work to be raffled off:

  1. 444 Scholarship:


We are extremely proud to have launched this scholarship. S4TB is involved with many things that has to do with media and events, but our roots are deeply grounded in working with the youth of our communities. In April, we debuted our 444 scholarship with a bowling party, asking each event attendee to donate as much as they could and bowl for free. In our most recent #AOTA, we were able to raise money to go towards our passion for education. With your help, we were able to award a Providence youth and Hope High School Graduate, Kathleen Bonne-Annee with scholarship money to go towards her school fees as she was entering The University of Rhode Island in Fall 2015. This summer we cannot wait to award another scholar, maybe we can award more than one !

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