The Uncertain Future Of “The Office”

The long running series The Office is in a bit of a limbo. Ever since the heart of the show, Steve Carrel left the plots have been up in the air and no one has been able to fill Michael Scott’s shoes. Now as the eighth season comes to an end NBC has not signed the deal for a ninth. Also, several cast members have not renewed their individual contracts & another critical character, Dwight Schrute is leaving to start his spin-off series. As the cast is in this time of uncertainty the Executive Producer is actually considering giving the series a “reboot”.  This isn’t a reboot in the traditional sense, a totally new cast and plot. It would include some old characters with new ones. The ideas is being discussed amongst the big shots over at NBC.

Now, I haven’t watched the seventh or eighth season of The Office yet, but I am a big fan of the show and I think they should have ended it when Michael Scott left. The Office isn’t The Office without Michael Scott there. He is as important to the show as Will Smith was to Fresh Prince or Goku is to the Dragon Ball series. His level of ridiculousness made the dry moments of the show the funniest. NBC deciding to keep the show going after Carrel left and this new idea for a possible “reboot” seems like a force, but what do I know?

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