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Blog: The Rhode Island Renaissance



Renaissance, the french term for rebirth, usually refers to the cultural movement that took place in Europe between the 14th and 17 centuries. There is also a large connotation to the cultural movement that took place in Harlem in the 1920’s which is more relevant to this piece. During that time in Harlem there was a cultural explosion in literature, poetry, theater and music just to name a few. A new identity was created and though that time period has long passed, the ideas from it are ever present today.

Identity is a somewhat of a relevant term in the sense that it can change depending on who you ask. For every person you ask you may receive a different idea, thus we usually base an identity off of what the majority idea of what that identity is. If you leave the state the consensus of Rhode Island’s identity would be some mix of the oceans, beaches… and oceans. Little does the world know that the smallest state in the nation has some big things brewing.

The talent in the state is unquestionable. Long gone are the days of rappers with corny punchlines rhyming off beat. We now have rappers like Cam Bells Hil Holla and Crucial who each own their craft and produce quality music. There a blogs such as Rudeboyy, the Beautiful Silence, and Sorry4TheBlog (shameless plug), that work hard to keep you up to date with with fashion, entertainment and events both locally and on a national level. There are videographers, photographers, graphic designers, event planners who are all getting better on a daily basis. We are slowly abandoning the crabs in a barrel mentality and are beginning to work together to produce beautiful pieces of work. People in Rhode Island are finally starting to realize something that people all over the country have known for a while now: With hard work and unity, we define our own limits. When projects are produced with such great quality, the world is bound to take notice. The question is no longer will it happen, it’s when.