The Return Of Cam Bells: The BlvckTvpe (Review)


“Warm nights, cold drinks, good weed and positive vibes. The most unforgettable memories are made with those whose presence alone can make a divine moment that much better. Whether you’re by the beach blazing with your better half, on the road pouring up with your ride or die, or simply taking pleasure in an alluring night out on the town, this is for you. Let’s make a toast to yours, mine and those who have yet to come, in celebration of epic summer love.” – Cam Bells

It’s actually been awhile since I’ve done one of these. Maybe I was just being lazy or perhaps the local product that’s been out recently hasn’t been worth listening to, never mind me reviewing it, or it could’ve been a combination of both. Regardless of what the reason was, I think it’s safe to say I’m back. Well, not really, but The Artist Formerly Known As Yung Cam is, and all I can say is, about damn time. It’s been a year and a half since Cam Bells gave us a project worth of music, so the only question that remains is; was it worth the wait?

First thing’s first, I must applaud Cam for taking this route. As we all know “Love & Basketball” is somewhat of a staple film for black women the urban community. I’m almost certain when females envision the “perfect” relationship, with the exception of Jay-Z and Beyonce,  the only thing that comes to mind is Q and Monica, and the funny thing is some of them never dribbled a basketball a day in their life, but that’s besides the fact. In my expertise opinion the skits were borderline genius. Not only did it set the tone for what Cam was trying to accomplish, it also exhibited his growth in creativity along side with his song making ability, which is key to being a successful artist. From beginning to end, I kept catching myself saying, I can’t believe he’s still not signed.

Since the tape is pretty short, I won’t do a track-by-track review. Plus I know how much y’all hate to read, so I’ll just get straight to the point. The project is damn near flawless. From my personal favorite “Inspiration (All I Need)” to the last three minutes of “The Usual” where he’s showcasing his vocal talent. The project is definitely worth giving a listen to.The only thing I could really make a case for is the fact that I already heard two of the eight records on his previous tape, but at the same time it fits with the theme, so I’m not really mad at it. Other than that Cam keeps showing us why he’s one of, if not RI’s front runner when it comes to making music.

So once again, with the release of the “BlvckTvpe” Mr. Bells is showing his growth since his last project and also distancing himself from the “Local Talent” and moving into a lane of his own. This only makes me more curious to see what else he has up his sleeves, but until then this should hold us off.

Rating: 9/10


The Mixtape Will Only Be Available For 7 Days, So Head Over To TheBeautifulSilence.Com For The Download Link.