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The Put-On: August Edition

Amine – Caroline

Okay, with basically a month left to the summer I’m really surprised this song hasn’t taken off yet. “Caroline” by Amine is a song that I came across a couple of weeks ago and this is a sure hit. This tune is about Amine confessing his love for his woman Caroline in a very raw and raunchy way.  From the very beginning, it’s a sure head-bop, jump around, good mood type of sound. No word behind if he has any new music on the way but I’m sure this one will stay around for a while.  Make sure y’all check this one out!

Yuna – Lanes

Malaysian singer-songwriter Yuna has been around for a while, but it wasn’t until recent that she wanted to take her try on R&B. With a soothing, sort of angelic sound, Lanes is about a woman fed up about the man that she is involved with. Yuna and her lover are inevitably not good for each other, thus being on different “lanes”. A song that women (and even men) can relate to. . Her album, Chapters is out now on Spotify, iTunes, and Vizzi Music.

Goldlink – Dance On Me

The “dark-skinned” Chance the Rapper, Goldlink is an artist who is paving the way for his hometown DC musically. He wants to “create music for people to dance to again” and he sure has with his song Dance On Me. What he calls, the “future bounce” sound, this song combines the perfect mix of house music and lyrical ability to produce an indescribable sound that people are sure to have a good ole’ time to. His album, And After That, We Didn’t Talk is out now on Spotify, iTunes, and Vizzi Music.


Anderson .Paak – The Waters (feat the BJ the Chicago Kid)

This guy is something special. If Kendrick Lamar had a doppleganger who did R&B and soul, it would be this guy right here. Anderson .Paak is a singer-songwriter who primarily focuses on singing, but does the rap thing occasionally. He is reintroducing the idea of funk again, and you can hear it in this song. The Waters is a song about his adversity of making to the top. With assistance from BJ the Chicago Kid, this is a smooth tune that is sure to have people follow up on his music. His album, Malibu is out now on Spotify, iTunes, and Vizzi Music.


Roy Woods – Gwan Big Up Yourself

The young OVO signee has a hit on his hands! It seems like everybody in OVO wants to take their try on dancehall. From Drake’s Controlla to Party’s Not Nice, it’s clear that this is the sound that they wanted to portray this summer. However, one that seemed to fly over many people’s heads was Roy’s try on dancehall with Gwan Big Up Yourself. This smooth chune-type beat mixed with Roy’s vocals is something special. This song has summer night vibes written all over it so don’t be surprised if you hear it a friendly neighborhood turn up this August!

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