The Put-On: January Edition

Yo Trane – Late Night Drive

Born in Paris, France, this 21-year old singer is going to make waves in the states very soon. Going by the name, “Yo Trane”, the artist has always gravitated towards American R&B growing up. Exposed to Kanye’s “The College Dropout” at the early age of 12, he immediately fell in love with the rhythm and melodies of the album, only to find himself looking more into African-Americans’ culture of music. Blessed with a soothing, sort of hypnotic sound, Late Night Drive can be played during any well…late night drive. A song about a man who would like to remind a woman about her worth from time to time. Late Night Drive is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Vizzi Music.

Kodie Shane – Losing Service

This is a new fave. 18-year old Kodie Shane is a singer/rapper from Atlanta. Coming up with the infamous Lil Yachty, her style resembles an upbeat, feel-good type of sound. Taking inspiration from her friends, Yachty and Lil Uzi, she has a sound that makes you just want to dance around, and feel confident doing it! Not much being said in this song, but it leaves an infectious beat in your head that is sure to stay around. Watch out for this girl, as I’m sure this is not the last that we will hear from her! Losing Service is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Vizzi Music.

Mura Masa – Love$ick (ft. A$AP Rocky)

Mura Masa is an electronic music producer from the UK. He produces beats similar to that of Disclosure’s “Latch” feat. Sam Smith. Only 20 years old, he is wildly gifted by knowing how to playing numerous instruments and by doing so, he incorporates that in his beats. He loves hip-hop/rap/trap music and has always wanted to be the bridge between the two (rap and electronic). To be quite honest with you, he might be on his way to doing just that. Requesting the help from Lord Flacko on this track, Mura’s musical talents plus A$AP’s delivery of words makes this song something real special. Love$ick is available of iTunes, Spotify, and Vizzi Music.

Daniel Caesar – Get You ft. Kali Uchis

Canada really must have a factory now where they’re just producing talent or something. Daniel Caesar, a Toronto native, is a singer who is paving his way into the music scene despite the big OVO cloud that hovers over the “6”. His mix of sounds is a lot, from rock, R&B, soul, to even gospel. This singer is not trying to have a label over his head and wants to give the people the best possible product a artist can create. “Get You” is your typical love song, but it’s just not a typical love song that you’d expect from a 21-year old guy. This song definitely surpasses his age in maturity, and gives you a grown man feeling to it at first listen. Check the crooner out on iTunes, Spotify, and Vizzi Music.

Bas – Golden Goals

Last but not least, I would like to introduce Bas. A rapper who is a part of J. Cole’s “Dreamville Records”, Bassy was born in Paris, but raised in Queens, New York. Bas wants to bring New York back to the top of hip-hop, but he believes it can be done with a different sound. Influenced by Cole to start rapping at a young age, Bas has a talent for flow on words and punchlines. An example of this, is his song Golden Goals. Examples of his style are represented in this song, and he believes that even though he is signed to his longtime friend, that he will be one of the greatest to ever do it. Let’s just see. Golden Goals is on iTunes, Spotify, and Vizzi Music.

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