The Plunder & Depopulation Of Central Africa (A Proper Look At Kony)

This is a much more accurate account of the situation involving Kony and many other mass murders happening on our land in Africa. You see the political immaturity of black people who support the #StopKony movement. Black people are not looking at the situation critically. Where is Kony & The LRA getting the weapons and funding from? Why has he been free for twenty years? And the most important question is, What is America gaining from having us make Kony “famous”? Maybe Kony has been funded by Europeans to destabilize the region so their companies can get the precious raw materials and resources. Maybe recently Kony has stopped following the Europeans orders and that’s why they want us to make them send troops to “stop him”, but in reality they really want to send in their troops to gain control of the resources. I know this video is long, but watch it when you have a chance.

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