The Playstation 4 Code Name “Orbis”

This is not the PlayStation 4

More & More news is leaking about the next console from Sony. According to Kotaku, a very reliable source has given them information on the yet-to-be announced console, code named “Orbis”. A few interesting things that the source says is that the PlayStation “Orbis” may not play PS3 game. They will likely sell these games on The PlayStation Network. Which leads to the question, how large are these hard drives going to be? 700 GB? Maybe an entire terabyte. Another interesting bit of news, it is rumored that the system will have some sort of “lock” on used games. So when you buy a used game you will only get a portion, or a trail of the game, and would have to pay for the rest of it. GameSpot will be very unhappy to hear this seeing as Used Games is a huge part of their business. With this new generation it seems like Sony is out to make as much money as they can (as all companies are), whether its making us repurchase our old PS3 games digitally, or completely cutting out the option of playing used games. A Holiday 2013 release date is the alleged time frame for launch.

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