Why I’ve been obsessed with Jennifer Le!

I would stay in up the wee hours of the night in high school and continuously read “2 Bitchez Deep,” a fashion savvy blog written by Toronto natives Jennifer Le and one of her close friends, Cherry Bomb.

I would try to re-create different DIY projects she put on her blog  and would always study her marketing techniques, hoping to someday be as determined.  I literally LIVED for her blog.

accesoryshotAfter continuously following her major moves, Jennifer went down a solo path and began to do more #OOTD and limited edition DIY pieces. Sooner than later she had the hottest celebs in the game rocking her limited pieces.

hl4I became inspired and started to revamp my own clothes and ended up making a little bit of money from it. Inspiring, dedicated and smart — Jennifer Le is all of that. Being able to see how far she has come and the moves she’s been making allowed me to see that you can really go far in the DIY fashion world.

A few years later and now Jennifer Le is a shoe designer and still using her crafty knowledge with other designs she has for her site.  This alone showed me that if you want something,  GO GET IT!    You can start something so small that will not only inspire others, but allow you to do something that you love.

I just put in a order for a pair of her AMAZING Camain boots. Yaaaaassss!

Check out her site, read more about her journey & get to know her name because she definitely going places!

Love you Jennifer <3












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