The Notorious B.I.G.’s Autopsy Report Released

Sheesh, I Don’t Know What Kind Of Bullet #4 Was But Damn. The Fact That Almost 15 Years Later & This Is Still Sad Though, I Just Read It And Thought “Wow, They Really Killed Biggie & Got Away With It”.

The Report States That 24-Year Old Wallace Was Shot 4 Times While Riding In The Passenger Seat Of A Chevy Suburban On Wilshire Blvd. According To The Report, 3 Of The 4 Shots Were Not Fatal.

Gunshot #1 – Struck Wallace In The Left Forearm & Traveled Down To His Wrist.

Gunshot #2 – Struck Wallace In The Back, Missed All Vital Organs, And Exited Through His Left Shoulder.

Gunshot #3 – Struck Wallace On His Outer Left Thigh And Exited Through His Inner Left Thigh. The Projectile Then Struck The Life Side Of The Scrotum, Causing A Very Shallow, 3/8 Inch Linear Laceration.

Gunshot #4 – Entered Wallace’s Body Through His Right Hip And Ripped Its Way Through Several Vital Organs Before Coming To Rest In His Left Shoulder Area.

Gunshot #4 Was The Fatal Bullet. According To The Report, The Bullet Perforated Wallace’s Colon, Liver, Heart And The Upper Lobe Of His Left Lung. Wallace Was Then Rushed To Cedars-Sinai Hospital And Pronounced Dead At 1:15 AM.