Stop Comparing Everything!

“Lebron James is nice but he’ll never be Jordan.”…   “Rihanna is sexy but she aint no Beyonce.”  You ever notice that we feel the need to compare EVERYTHING.

Sports, music, fashion; we rarely ever evaluate something on its own merit, instead we find the closest thing we can compare it to in order to grant validation.  In sports when trying to determine a players potential, they often call a player the second coming of so and so.  In music  artists with absolutely nothing in common besides the fact that they may full under the same umbrella of a broad genre, are constantly pinned up against each other.  It doesn’t stop there. It actually is even worse in our personal lives.  We often compare ourselves to others’ looks, financial status, relationships etc.  This leads to also kinds of false impressions and in some cases actually affects our self esteem.

Im a big fan of competition.  It often can lead to increased creativity and productivity.  However there’s a point where enough is enough.  Sometimes it’s cool to just appreciate something for what it is. Nothing more, nothing less.

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