The National Defense Authorization Act



The National Defense Authorization Act is a piece of legislation passed by both parts of Congress on Dec. 15th & signed by the President on Dec. 31st. The bill states that the military and our President have the right to Indefinitely detain anyone suspected of being apart of, or associated with Al-Qaeda, without trial. This is important because this gives them the right to keep someone in prison for as long as they think they need to, without any legitimate evidence. Another issue is that what exactly defines someone “associated” with Al-Qaeda? Or any terrorist group? This bill goes against the fifth amendment that gives us the right to “due process”. It also seems as if our military could start snatching anyone our government doesn’t like. I don’t think this bill is going to have a dramatic effect initially, but soon as protests in America start getting more organized, more radical, we may see this bill get put into effect. Things are starting to look more & more like 1984 everyday.

-Kabir Lambo

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