The List: Top 4 Jordans of All Time — #4

Michael Jordan is one successful human being. You would automatically think I was referring to his six NBA championships along with his, endless athletic accolades he’d received throughout his basketball career (We’re just gonna pretend the baseball thing never happened). However this list refers to his success in the fashion world. As of 2013 the Jordan brand had a net worth of 60 million dollars, responsible for a whopping 71% of the basketball shoe market ( We here at S4TB took upon the task of ranking the top four Jordans of all time. Obviously the list is completely subjective and everybody will have their own. But we tried to take somewhat of a consensus into consideration when compiling ours.

Without further ado we will jump right in to the list.

4.) Infrared VI’s



Releasing in 1991, This was the shoe MJ was wearing when he won his first NBA championship. This was one of the first pair of J’s, and sneakers in general, that tied in themes and attributes from a sports car. The wing in the back of the VI’s is inspired by the Porsche turbo. These J’s were retro’d in 2000, 2010 and 2014 with some adjustments that include replacing the nike air logo with the Jordan sign. The hints of infrared combined with the icy outsole combine to make one hell of a shoe. And that’s why the Infrared VI’s come in at our number four best Jordan sneakers of all time.

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