The List: Top 4 Jordans Of All Time — #2

2.) Concord XI


The XI’s in general are viewed by many as the best overall pair J’s of all time.  Of all the Jordan’s released, the XI’s are the least likely to drop a wack colorway.  Some argue that the Spacejams are the best pair of XI’s to drop, the Breds also get tossed into the argument as well, but the Concord XI’s are widely accepted as the holy grails.  Released in 1996 the Concord XI’s might be considered the most casual Jordan of all time.  The patent leather brought a new feel to the sneaker similar to the way that the cement accent did to the III’s. A lot of people would argue that these could be #1 on the list, and it would be a valid argument, but for all intents and purposes it’s coming in this week at #2 on the list.

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