The List: Favorite Cell Phones Of All Time #1

1.) T-Mobile Sidekick



This one holds a very special place in my heart.  Few childhood memories were more joyful than when I scrapped up enough money to buy my first sidekick 2.  The Sidekick is easily my favorite phone off all time.  When AIM was in it’s prime the sidekick was untouchable.  From away messages, to groupchats, to the tmail; The sidekick all in all was just a great phone.  Personally I’d have to say the sidekick 3 specifically.  Even though the thing was always falling apart, nothing made your day more than coming back to grab your phone after it finished charging and seeing that blue ball blinking meaning you had messages.  I could go on for days, but i’m sure yall will feel me on this one, and that’s why I had to make the sidekick the number one favorite phone of all time.